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CrawlSpace Medic

CrawlSpace Medic
1236 Northgate Business Pkwy Ste 4D
Madison TN
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Company Description:

Do you have crawl space or basement problems? That is where Crawlspace Medic fits in. Our expert inspectors are focused on finding your specific issues and providing you with information on what should be fixed, without those predatory sales tactics.

Symptoms of problems in your crawl space or basement can include: Musty smell, cupping or sloping finished flooring, poor indoor air quality, and doors sticking.

If you’ve been putting off a home crawl space inspection, don’t prolong the inevitable!

A crawl space or home inspection is always for your benefit, so you can find out if your house is harboring any unforeseen issues.

At Crawlspace Medic®, our services can assist you in making repairs quickly, before the problem gets out of hand.

Show Specials:

We will be having giveaways and scheduling free crawl space and basement inspections!

New Products

We offer crawl space and basement waterproofing and structural repair services. Including, vapor barriers - crawl space encapsulation - termite damage repair - and more!

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